Akashic Records and Divine Embodiment: 8 Week Course, Spring 2019

Akashic Records and Divine Embodiment: 8 Week Course, Spring 2019

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This revolutionary eight-week course covers the physical and spiritual aspects of Ascension and everything in between.  

We will learn how to harness the power of the primordial multi-dimensional Source Consciousness to live our bliss birthright right here on Earth. 

If you ever wanted to learn tangible techniques, ways for you to connect your Higher Self with your physical self, this is the course for YOU.

These tools are vital for our human consciousness evolution and ascension. I'm so honored to share them.
Once you purchase this Spring 2019 course, you will be added to a private Facebook group specifically created for the purpose of connecting course participants.  You will also receive all the pertinent information via email (in case you are not on FB, not to worry). 
Each week you will receive a pre-recorded video that succinctly explains the week's focus and includes practical tools that you will put to work. 
Toward the end of the week you will be invited to attend a live Q&A session (via Zoom video conferencing) where you will be able to share about your experience and ask questions of the instructor and other participants. 
Throughout the eight weeks of the course I'll be available for contact privately via email or FB Messenger. 
Finally, you will receive a private Akashic records reading with me (scheduled at your convenience) included as part of the course.  Best deal EVA!

Week 1. Sexual Healing at the Root

Week 2. Power With, Not Power Over 

Week 3. From Mental Slavery to Mental Sovereignty 

Week 4. Akashic Exaltation

Week 5. Bumps and Bruises on the Path

Week 6. Marriage with Higher Self in the Body 

Week 7. The Void

Week 8: One in All